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This Must Be For You Art Packs Film Teaser

Blimpy, (ok it is only me, with some help) have teamed up with the people behind the free gift giving project This Must Be For You. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for the “Art Packs Film,” that I’m currently working on. Watch this space for the full film coming very soon. Make Read more

“Arkadişm Erhan” (My Friend Erhan) Short Film Update

The short film, “Arkadişm Erhan” (My Friend Erhan) that I worked on last year has since gone on to be accepted into a number of film festivals and even picked up a couple of awards along the way: Awards: George Lindsey International Film Festival: Winner, Best Director & Best Student Narrative, California Film: Winner Diamond Award,   Read more

More4 “Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses” Offline Editor Credits

“Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses” is being broadcast on More4 every Monday at 9:00 pm for the next 12 weeks. I’m credited as an editor on 3 episodes across the series. I believe the episodes that I worked on are being shown on the 4th of March, 15th April and the 13th May however this is subject Read more

BBC1 PYM7 Offline Editor Credits

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” is back for a seventh series on BBC1 and it’s being aired every week day at 4:30 pm for the next 6 weeks. I’m credited as an editor on 10 episodes across the series. I also cut and created a few of the graphics in the pretitles which feature Read more

2013 and beyond …

First off I would like to wish all my website visitors a very Happy New Year! 2013 marks the start of a brand new career adventure for me. After four years of loyal service I have left with my previous employers Reef Television and I have decided to make the leap into the world of freelance Offline Editing. Read more

Jake Gosling wears Alberg and Austin on Blue Peter

Caitriona, from Alberg and Austin, text me today to tell me that my A&A tee design was worn by music producer Jake Gosling on today’s episode of Blue Peter! I didn’t realise (until I watched the interview on iPlayer and did a quick Google search) that Jake produced and co-wrote Ed Sheeran’s “+” album and the “No. Read more

Joining the Cascade Records family

I was inadvertently introduced to Cascade Records via working with the beat producer Handbook. I dropped Cascade an email and a few weeks later Sal replied offering the oppurtunity to produce some artwork for their most recent podcast. Since then I’ve gone on to produce some more artwork and a video for a brand new Cascade release which is set to Read more

We can rebuild him, we have the technology …

Welcome to the new Blimpy Media website. After nearly two and half years of blogging i’ve finally made the leap from Blogspot to a proper website. You can now find all my projects on the new site. Thank you very much to Charlie Kirby for helping me build what you see before you. So to get things started I thought Read more

BBC PYM6: Offline Editor Credits

Over the Christmas period I cut 6 episodes of the day time BBC2 series ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.’There are two more episodes left, one tomorrow and the last on Friday at 5:15pm. I think Friday’s show is worth a watch just for my particular music choices throughout! Each week the series sees two Read more

Britain’s First Photo Album: BBC Offline Editor Credits

This week I finished editing two episodes of the new series ‘Britain’s First Photo Album,’ which is going to be broadcast in the new year. The series presented by John Sergeant, features a selection of photos from the pioneering Victorian photographer Sir Francis Frith and his team. Firth’s extensive collection of photographs takes Mr. Sergeant Read more

Trash to Cash Series 3: BBC Credits

For the next two weeks Trash to Cash series 3 is on BBC 2 at 1:00pm. The series sees Mark Franks and Paul Hayes help out self confessed hoarders to clear their homes from clutter. This series was made quite a long time ago which is why I’m credited as an Edit Assistant on the Read more

My Funniest Year: Channel Four

My Funniest Year: Jack Whitehall Image from: TwoFour Website. Over last Christmas and New Year I was Edit Assisting on the short comedy series: ‘My Funniest Year’ produced by TwoFour Productions. The three part series saw the comedians: Al Murray, Chris Addison and Jack Whitehall “relive a year’s unforgettable events, both public and private.” to an audience at the Hackney Read more

BBC Britain’s Killer Roads: Offline Editor Credits

This week I finished cutting an episode of a new day time BBC program called ‘Britain’s Killer Roads,’ which takes a ‘look at how simple changes like better road markings or installing crash barriers can save hundreds of lives. It will join forces with people who are campaigning for changes to roads in their area Read more

Ballon Head: Update

Thank you to: Khi Mahmood, Susie Martin, Will Pollock, Rhys Powell, Luke Billing, Jo McCarthy, Beano Clark, Lucy Madge, Millo Saadvandi and Alex Day for getting in touch about the free “Balloon Head” print. They shall be with you all very soon.  

Balloon Head: Free Print

Everyone likes free stuff right? Well the first 10 people to get in contact with me via text, email, Facebook or Twitter will be sent a A3 print of my latest piece: “Balloon Head.” (If you live in the London area I will hand deliver it.)