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Ill Sugi “Slave of Junk System” Artwork on Cascade Records

Who remembers owning a ton of these? It’s been a very long time since I’ve owned an official release on tape and this is the first one I’ve ever worked on. Above is Cascade Records’ latest release by Ill Sugi. The artwork in the end was a collaborative effort . A graff writer from Japan provided Read more

Handbook x Cypria “What Comes to Mind” Artwork on Potholes in my Blog

Here’s the artwork I designed for Handbook and Cypria’s upcoming release on Potholes in my Blog. This 6 track EP is to be released in July. If you’ve ever worked at Reef TV you might just recognise that view.

Dancing Lotus Album Artwork

Above is the album cover I designed for Dancing Lotus’ latest release. Their self titled album will be available from the 4th of July. As I was putting together this post I suddenly realised that it’s been the best part of five years since I’ve done any work for these guys. Seriously where has the Read more

Cascade Records Advert in Starwax Magazine

Flick to page 7 of Starwax Magazine’s latest issue and you’ll find a little advert that I put together for Cascade Records. Here a little bit more info on the magazine: “Star wax is France’s No1, full colour, quarterly, free magazine for DJs, beatmakers and music lovers … 25000 copies of Star wax are distributed Read more

Doopa x Cascade Records Limited Edition Sticker

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my latest character design / illustration, I would like you all to meet Doopa! Doopa featured in the artwork for Zo AKA La Chauve -Souris’ Podcast 57 mix on Cascade, dressed up as Batman. Here he is again as a limited edition sticker available via Cascade Read more

Zo AKA La Chauve-Souris Podcast 57 on Cascade Records Artwork

Here’s the artwork I illustrated and designed for Zo AKA La Chauve-Souris’ “Podcast 57” mix which is now available on Cascade Records. For those of you who don’t know, “La Chauve-Souris” means “The Bat” in French. Don’t worry I didn’t know that either, Sal from Cascade had to translate for me! So you might be thinking, who’s this little Read more

The Expert x Danny Diggs “Expert Diggs” EP Artwork

Here’s the artwork I designed for the collaboration EP, “Expert Diggs,” by beat producers, The Expert and Danny Diggs. This is what they had to say about it: “All it took was their names. This EP came about through the idea of simply having a project called “Expert Diggs”. Simply put The Expert & Danny Diggs decided to digg in the Read more

Handbook “Sun King” Artwork

Here’s the artwork that I designed for Jake Brown AKA Handbook’s latest single, “Sun King.” In order to create the effect you see above I used one of the images I shot for the “Higher Manifestations” artwork that was created for Handbook’s collaboration project with Supreme Sol. Here’s what Handbook had to say about his latest single: Read more

Morpheground Podcast 54 on Cascade Records Artwork

Here’s the artwork that I designed for Morpheground’s “Podcast 54” which was released today on Cascade Records. Here’s what Morpheground had to say about it: “It’s all about contrast, a mix of soft sounds with eclectic and unusual rhythms mixed with more relaxed vibes. Those are some of my favorites and most tracks are from people I’ve Read more

Handbook “Titanomachy” Artwork

To kick off 2013, Handbook is releasing his new album “Titanomachy” via Bandcamp on the 7th of January. A preview mix is currently available on his Soundcloud page. Here’s what Handbook had to say about it: “This album brings it all back to what it’s about. Big, expressive samples, hard hitting drums and all that soul. This features some of Read more

Bugseed “Soundcraft” Album Artwork

Here’s the artwork I designed for Cascade Records most recent CD release with Tokyo based beatmaker, Bugseed. “Soundcraft” is available from: in CD format (limited to 100 copies) or to download. When Bugseed and I were discussing the artwork, he put forward the concept of creating an image that had the look of an Read more

Handbook “Assortment” Album Artwork

Handbook’s latest album release “Assortment” will be available on Loveless Records in November. Jake released the name of the new album via Twitter and literally the first thing that came to mind was an image containing Pick and Mix. Everyone remembers Pick and mix sweets from their childhood right? Where’s a Woolworths when you need one!

Faithful Servant “The Contrast” Mixtape Artwork

Brian Davis AKA Faithful Servant got in touch with me about designing some artwork for his up and coming mixtape “The Contrast.” The tape will be available via in September so watch this space.

Handbook “Handprints” Album Artwork

“Handprints” is released today on Cascade Records in both CD and Digital format. As you can see the main inspiration behind the artwork was the album name. I had a lot of fun with my house mates getting paint everywhere. Check out the making of here. “Handprints was produced and put together from December 2011 through Read more

“Arkadişm Erhan” (My Friend Erhan) Short Film Graphics & Artwork

The director of ‘Five’ and ‘Hear Our Voices,’ Khurrum M.Sultan, contacted me about working on his latest project ‘Arkadişm Erhan.’ This short film is part of his masters degree which he’s currently completing at The London Film School. Khurrum is planning to take his film to a number of film festivals later on the year so which this space. ‘Arkadişm Erhan,’ for Read more