Edgar Sabali (Supreme Sol) “Our Minds Come Upon the Eternal” Album Artwork

Our Minds Come Upon the Eternal Draft 1

Here’s the artwork I designed for Supreme Sol’s alter ego Edgar Sabali’s album “Our Minds Come Upon the Eternal.” When we first started talking about the design for this project during the middle of last year we had a number of ideas based around a spiritual / ethereal image. One of the first thoughts that jumped into my head was a statue of an angel.

There are dozens of cemeteries around where I live in South London and after visiting a couple this statue immediately caught my eye. The main reason was simply because the angel’s hands have broken off. I imagine that when the statue was originally carved it was meant to look like the angel is knelt down praying over the grave. In my eyes the sculpture’s look has completely changed. Instead of a peaceful moment of contemplation it is now an image of sadness and despair as the figure has lost her hands.