Project Wars Photos

Project Wars Revisited 2

Some of you may remember this cover I designed a few months back. Well this album spawned a whole load of photos to go with it. (Ok they’re not really photos.) Here’s a whole bunch of Photoshopped images I made for the Project Wars’ Twitter profile. If you haven’t heard it yet, what the hell have you been doing? It’s mix of Dre and Star Wars tracks. What’s not to love? I had such laugh making these. The first image I made was of Darth and Snoop at Coachella. In the end I came up with 10 different images. I don’t own the rights to any of the different elements that were used to create these images they were all taken from Google for entertainment purposes!

Snoop & Darth at Coachella Project Wars x Beats by Dre Advert Project Wars x Beats by Dre Advert 2 Has the protege become the master? Early Meeting Dre x Darth in the Studio Dre Lightsaber training on board the Death Star whilst recording Dre chilling with Master Yoda (rebel scum) during the recording process Darth's been down with Dre since his NWA Days Darth Overseeing the Mix