Doopa x This Must Be For You

Doopa x This must be for you CMYK
This design has been on my hard drive for quite a while now. When I first met Tash from TMBFY I drew this piece with the idea that it would become a sticker that went in the TMBFY boxes. (A little bit like the Doopa stickers I did with Cascade Records.) We then started working on the Art Packs film and I completely forgot that I had even done it. When I was desigining the TMBFY zine, I stumbled across it again. Originally the design was painted in the colours that I would normally use for this character. I reopened the Photoshop files and after a bit of tinkering I decided it would be better to scale back the amount of colour. If you flick through the pages of the TMBFY magazine you’ll spot it somewhere near the back.