This Must Be For You: The Altruistic Art Show Film

This Must Be For Your and Blimpy Media teamed up once again to bring you The Altruistic Art Show. Artists from around the world donated stickers, posters, T-shirts, postcards, magazines and pieces of artwork to a one off art show at The Strongroom bar in Shoreditch, London. Each visitor was given three free raffle tickets, they were then invited to place their tickets in a jam jar associated with their favorite pieces. Each piece was then raffled off to a lucky visitor. Did you win one of the raffles? We would love to hear from you.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the kind donations from the following artists:

Anon, Ellie Ashdown, Sally Bassett, Ben Challen, Adrian Choa, Carla Clavería, Anna Dunn, Dabs & Myla, Ella Foote, Joey Fourr, FrancoisGotBuffed, Savannah Frances, Juliana Futter, Lydia Garnett, Ashley Gill, Hannah Gill, Sophie Glover, Penelope Gordon, Melody Grossman, Hmmmbates, Judy Joel, Dan Johnstone, Marcus, Monica Lek, David Lemm, Ray Lloyd, Zoe Lodge, Lucy Macieira, Lisa Moldau, Adele Moreau, Jack Morrice, Kim Noce, Robert PixelsPencil, Inus Pretorius, Rowan Stevens, Ronzo, Harry Thorne, Suraj Rai, Jillian Roberts, Daisy Robinson, Danni Rudie, Amy Smith, Urban Pollen, Emily Vanns, Vengon, Lily Waugh, George Williams and Kim Whyte.

Thanks to the bands and DJ’s that played:

Wild eyed boy, C & A (& I), Be Good, Sam Briggs, Jack Luckett and Lev Harris

Music by: The Expert – “Dont Know What To Do”