Handbook “Appendices” Album Artwork

Appendices Draft 2

Here’s the artwork I designed for Jake Brown, AKA Handbook’s latest album release “Appendices.” The album title itself was the main inspiration behind the piece. Initially I shot a few photos in my local library but unfortunately they weren’t quite up to scratch. After being turned down to shoot more photos by a few other London libraries, I was a bit stumped. After a days work in ITV studios I remembered that the South Bank Book Market was just around the corner and the guys on the stalls had no problem with me taking a few photos.

Here’s what Handbook had to say on the album:

“A collection of 12 new tracks courtesy of Handbook. Upbeat, uplifting soul sampled classics, featuring a richer instrumentation to get under your skin. For the first time on a Handbook album, there are guest emcees. 

Faithful Servant and Supreme Sol make some devastating features and instrumentals of those tracks are there as a bonus if you download this release as a whole! Big love and I hope you enjoy.” 

I also like to think I had one other small influence on the album. Faithful Servant and I worked together on his mixtape cover for The Contrast” last year. Handbook and I were chatting and he asked if I knew any rappers that he should check out with the idea of working with them in the future. I sent him Faith’s Soundcloud page and shortly after their first collaboration track, “Be” was born.

The whole album is brilliant so go and check it out now!