This Must Be For You: Gift Giving Art Packs in London Film

It’s finally here! After months of organising, I’m very proud to present to you the “This Must Be For You: Gift Giving Art Packs in London” film!

This Must Be For You and Blimpy Media teamed up to put together some very special free gifts for the people of London. Each envelope was packed full of artwork, stickers, post cards and mini T Shirts from artists all over the world. They were then left all over the capital, did you find one? Get in touch if you did.

This project would not have been possible without the kind donations from the following artists:

Back to Print,
Charles Nicholson,
Daniel Gregoric,
Dave the Chimp,
El Toro,
Flying Fortress,
Holly Burton,
Kim Whyte Sauce,
Melody Grossman,
Miss. Led,
Mr. Penfold,
Norma Foulds,
Rosie O’Connor
Sam Hughes,
Space Invader,

Also a big thank you to Khi Mahmood for shooting the film with his camera kit. We wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you buddy!

Music by: Handbook – HB’s Theme