Handbook “Sun King” Artwork

Sun King by Handbook Artwork

Here’s the artwork that I designed for Jake Brown AKA Handbook’s latest single, “Sun King.” In order to create the effect you see above I used one of the images I shot for the “Higher Manifestations” artwork that was created for Handbook’s collaboration project with Supreme Sol.

Here’s what Handbook had to say about his latest single:

“After a long bleak Winter, the soul feels drained of life and substance. Buried beneath dense layers of darkness and bleakness.

The Sun King rises to instil life in the soul again.

Brand new single from me, HB, showing my approach heading in a different direction. The sample may sound familiar to you but I feel I utilised it in a whole different way.”

The single is available here: Soundcloud & Bandcamp go get it now!

Whilst typing up this website post I discovered one of Handbook’s beats “Sun Rising” has been featured on a O’Neil surfing video. Click here to check it out, it’s a great little video.