Handbook “Titanomachy” Artwork


To kick off 2013, Handbook is releasing his new album “Titanomachy” via Bandcamp on the 7th of January. A preview mix is currently available on his Soundcloud page.

Here’s what Handbook had to say about it:

“This album brings it all back to what it’s about. Big, expressive samples, hard hitting drums and all that soul. This features some of my favourite beats that I’ve made, some of which you will have heard at shows already.”

For those that don’t know, (don’t worry I had to Google it,) in Greek Mythology the word “Titanomachy” or “The War of the Titans”  refers to a series of battles during a ten year war between two groups of Titans, fighting over control of Mount Olympus.

Developing the concept for this artwork proved quite difficult. Jake and I went through a number of obvious concepts quite quickly trying to depict the theme of the album. As I was back home in Gloucestershire over Christmas the idea of using an image of the tree you see above suddenly came to me whilst driving past it one afternoon. When I was a child I always used to imagine that a giant had split the tree in half with an axe. Jake loved the idea, so one afternoon I threw on a pair of wellies and tried my best to photograph it, despite being in knee deep mud and water.