“Arkadişm Erhan” (My Friend Erhan) Short Film Graphics & Artwork

The director of ‘Five’ and ‘Hear Our Voices,’ Khurrum M.Sultan, contacted me about working on his latest project ‘Arkadişm Erhan.’ This short film is part of his masters degree which he’s currently completing at The London Film School. Khurrum is planning to take his film to a number of film festivals later on the year so which this space.

‘Arkadişm Erhan,’ for those that don’t know is Turkish for ‘My Friend Ehran’ (don’t worry I didn’t know that either.) Here’s the film’s synopsis:

“Nur and her new friend Erhan are young children in an orphange. One day Erhan the mute gets into trouble because of Nur and he takes the blame for her. This leaves her feeling guilty. Tahir, the head of the orphanage wants to teach the kids a lesson and gives Erhan a goat to look after. Nur manages to lose the goat and panics, because she doesn’t want her friend to get into trouble again. She sets off on an adventurous journey to find and return the goat.”

Khurrum and I settled on a style that made it seem like ‘Nur,’ the main character, was directly involved in producing the artwork herself. (Who would have thought I could draw like a little girl!) As well as designing and animating the films opening title I also produced a few other print / web graphics for the project. Here’s the film’s poster:

PhotobucketThe film’s DVD cover:

PhotobucketAnd a couple of promotional images: