We can rebuild him, we have the technology …

Welcome to the new Blimpy Media website. After nearly two and half years of blogging i’ve finally made the leap from Blogspot to a proper website. You can now find all my projects on the new site. Thank you very much to Charlie Kirby for helping me build what you see before you.

So to get things started I thought I would release a brand new project I’ve been working on since Christmas, so without further ado ladies and gentlemen I present to you:


I quite often get lyrics stuck in my head.

There are hundreds of reasons why, I won’t bore you all with the details.

Instead I’m going to try and attempt to try and entertain you by bringing some of them to life with my character “Toast.”

I will be releasing a new piece every day for the next 20 days so keep checking back and why not let me know which is your favourite?