My Funniest Year: Channel Four


My Funniest Year: Jack Whitehall Image from: TwoFour Website.

Over last Christmas and New Year I was Edit Assisting on the short comedy series: ‘My Funniest Year’ produced by TwoFour Productions. The three part series saw the comedians: Al Murray, Chris Addison and Jack Whitehall “relive a year’s unforgettable events, both public and private.” to an audience at the Hackney Empire.

Sadly I didn’t make it to the live recordings AND I missed two of the episodes when they were first broadcast. To be honest I had completely forgotten about the whole job until very recently when I was shown by a work colleague that two of the episodes were on 4OD.

Chris Addison’s Episode of ‘My Funniest Year’ is on Friday 7th October at 11:10pm. Give it a watch if you get chance. He’s a top bloke in real life.