This Must Be For You Zine Issue 1


I love working with This Must Be For You. Over the last 18 months the whole project has gone from strength to strength and it’s been a real pleasure to be a part of it in a small way. The idea to come up with a little zine full of stories, artwork and photographs came Read more

Diamonds Single Draft 1

Larry Mase “Diamond” Music Video

Commissions, Film

I was there when Larry first stepped into the booth to record his first ever verse during our first year of University. So it was a pleasure to work with him on this video after all these years. “Diamond” is Larry’s debut song from the forth coming EP “The Epitome.” Speaking of “firsts” this is Read more

The Suns Logo Final

The Suns Band Logo


So it turns out I’m the guy to go to if you’re looking for a circular band emblem. (See my previous post) Above is the logo I designed for my younger brother’s band The Suns. The Northampton based Punk / Hard rock group were looking for a new graphic for their Facebook page etc so I obliged with Read more

Dire Island Logo V1

Dire Island Band Logo


Above is the logo I designed for Moscow based indie band Dire Island. The front man of the group, Jay Phillips, is very old friend of mine. When he first posted tracks from the band’s Soundcloud page on Facebook a few months ago, I couldn’t quite believe that it was him singing. Jay picked up a Read more

Broken Dream Boulevard Final

Cypria “Broken Dream Boulevard” Album Artwork


Here’s the artwork I designed for beat maker Cypria’s next project, “Broken Dream Boulevard.” The 10 track album from the Lunatick Records founder will be available in July. Having designed the artwork for Cypria’s collab EP, “What Comes to Mind” with Handbook and Fortune’s “From the Top” EP which was released on Lunatick Records, it was great to work with Cypria Read more




 I am genuinely gutted that Giggs has retired. Is he a future Man United manager? Original photo from

The Contrast Draft 3

Faithful Servant “The Contrast” Album Artwork Revisited


If you visit my site regularly you may be thinking, I’ve seen this before! Well the truth is, you have! Back in 2012, Brian AKA Faithful Servant, got in touch and we worked together on the front cover for his then up and coming mixtape, “The Contrast.” Brian got in touch again and I put together Read more

Project Wars Revisited 2

Project Wars Artwork


Above is the album artwork I designed for Project Wars Episode 1 feat. Dr. Dre. Go check out the album here: It’s free! May the force be with you.


Missing Piece 1&2


In all honesty I’ve got no idea what inspired these two pieces. The image in the puzzle is a picture I took of the Statue of Liberty back in 2012. Enjoy!


Will Joseph Cook – “Catalyst” – Sofar Sounds Edit


For the last couple of weeks I have been editing a number of music videos for Sofar Sounds. My friend Tash from This Must Be For You is currently interning there and she introduced me to the company. Sofar sounds “curates secret, intimate gigs in living rooms around the world. We spotlight emerging artists by Read more

Toast x Jordan Thumbnail

Toast x Jordan


Here’s my take on the iconic Jordan “Jump Man” logo. If only this collab was really happening, that would be a dream come true.

Idols and Conffessions Thumbnail

Idols / Confessions


I couldn’t decide whether this piece should be called Idols or Confessions, in the end it became both. You get a point if you can name the two artists who inspired me to put this together. I’ll give you a hint, 1 of them is already written down for you.


Francois Got Buffed x Toast


I first came across Francois’ work whilst filming This Must Be For You’s Altruistic Art Show in December last year and I instantly became a fan. A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with him about doing a collaboration piece with my character Toast. We put together a couple of ideas before we came to the conclusion that two Read more


This Must Be For You: The Altruistic Art Show Film


This Must Be For Your and Blimpy Media teamed up once again to bring you The Altruistic Art Show. Artists from around the world donated stickers, posters, T-shirts, postcards, magazines and pieces of artwork to a one off art show at The Strongroom bar in Shoreditch, London. Each visitor was given three free raffle tickets, Read more

Say My Name Thumb

Doopa x Heisenberg – “Say My Name”


My hard drive is littered with uncomplete bits and pieces. Some I do intend to finish, others should probably stay that way. This one however I was inspired to complete when I came across it this afternoon. After my last Heisenberg design, a couple of friends suggested I should do another Breaking Bad inspired piece, based on one Read more